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Tell Us About Your Sweet Successes!

Emily-Masnoon-photoCBD helped me to see what I was doing that was already working and what I needed to uplevel. If it weren’t for the support of CBD and Biz BFFs I’d probably just crawl under the covers and never emerge!
Michelle-sLifestylePortraitSession-92Conscious Business Design has really helped get me on a clearer path, has allowed me to further streamline my business, has given me more clarity on where I want to go, and so much to think about and look forward to for the future of my business.

What was the best part of learning alongside other Conscious Business Designers?

I found a fabulous biz BFF (Michelle) through the course of CBD who serves a similar population and provides similar services. Through phone, video chat, texts, and emails, we’ve really been able to lean on each-other, provide and receive feedback, encouragement, clarity, ideas on our businesses. It’s been so huge to have someone that actually understands the struggles and joys of this business.
I am fortunate to live in the great city of Washington DC which is filled with entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, and doulas… and I’m tapped into some very supportive local studio communities that have facilitated my growth thus far. However, it’s been hard to find yoga teacher/doulas who are super interested in being entrepreneurs as well. Enter Emily! It’s great to find someone who has a passion for all three areas.

How did this impact other areas of your life?

Michelle is freaking fabulous! She’s energetic, upbeat, sweet, and smart. I love that our lives are very different, yet we have so much in common. Our lives are busy but our businesses are important to us, so while we work hard to find time to connect and support each-other, we are gentle with ourselves when our conversations need to be rescheduled.
Having Emily as my business BFF has helped me stay focused, bolstered my confidence, and she’s a great sounding board for content and ideas. I should say too, that even though we do similar things {pre-post-natal yoga, birth support} I completely trust her and enjoy seeing how we approach things with our own unique voice.

How has finding a Business BFF contributed to your success during/since the program?

Michelle and I speak and email regularly and it has really been a great way to be held accountable, to brainstorm new ideas or ways to cut down the idea list, and to stay on track even if we are moving slowly.

She’s really helped me see that even though our offerings are similar, our styles are so different and that it’s who we are and what we bring to our clients that makes our offerings unique and our businesses flourish. Having Michelle definitely helped me get through the content and I think we really help encourage each-other to take the next step.

Emily has helped keep me motivated and inspired.I was really impressed with what she was offering out into the world and felt like we could both help each other grow and stretch, realistically. This fall, we’ve begun weekly calls to move forward in accomplishing our goals.

Seriously, without the accountability piece, I would either spend way too much time in my head with very little action or languish away in a pool of resistance. I am truly amazed at all that Emily accomplishes, spurred on by her positivity and realism, and am pumped to keep learning from her in so many ways.

Did you have moments of doubt?

We both have self-doubt that pops up and it’s wonderful to have each-other to squash it and provide validation on what we’re working. Without her, I would waste so much more time questioning myself and what I have to offer.
To be honest, at times I felt a bit like a delinquent CBDer, because there’s just SO MUCH AMAZING CONTENT and with two little ones at home, carving out the time to move things forward can be difficult. We’re going at our own pace, but even the baby-steps are adding up!


Emily Masnoon

Emily Masnoon {Masnoon Yoga, Somerset MA}

Michelle Cohen

Michelle Cohen {Savor It Studios, Washington DC}