Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

:: You were able to put your business to work FOR YOU {instead of being a slave to your business?}

:: You finally had the time to turn what you know into a program, training or book that could serve hundreds {or even thousands}?

:: Your time was spent in your zone of genius because your biz was profitable enough to hire a team {who actually LOVE taking care of all the little details that currently fill up your to-do list}?

And what if all your efforts came from a place of ease + flow instead of struggle + overwhelm?

I’m Racheal Cook {Business Strategist and Creator of Conscious Business Design} and after getting under the hood of THOUSANDS of soulful + savvy businesses around the world, I know that for the majority of us this is the DREAM.

Yet… Most of us entrepreneurs never turn that dream into our reality.

You’ve heard it’s possible to have a thriving business without working yourself to the bone {or at least you really really hope that’s true}.

After all, isn’t that the promise made by all the “turn your passion into a lifestyle biz” gurus… complete with a 4 hour work week running your empire with a margarita and a laptop from your beach chair?

And only after we drank the kool-aid and realize the one-size-fits-all-business-in-a-box magic-blueprint didn’t really work for us…we look around and realize it’s not really working for anyone else either. 

We are starting businesses at a rapid pace — Forbes even called Entrepreneurship the New Women’s Movement

but 88% of women will never break the 6-figure mark in their biz.

In fact, according to the 2010 US Census, while women-owned businesses represent nearly HALF of all businesses,

75%  reached less than $50,000 in annual revenues. But it doesn’t have to be this way!


75% of Women Entrepreneurs Earn Less Than $50,000


Only 25% of Women Entrepreneurs Break $50,000


Just 12% of Women Entrepreneurs Hit $100,000 +

And while we’re not just in it for the money…

We don’t need to settle for a business that doesn’t help us live a life that we love. And that’s not about making a certain dollar amount but rather realizing we don’t need to struggle in order to serve. Instead of hustling hard to make your business happen –

:: Wouldn’t it be nice to have more than enough to live a comfortable lifestyle {without stressing over having enough money to pay the bills}?

:: Wouldn’t it feel luxurious to be able to take off Saturday AND Sunday {and evenings too!}?

:: Wouldn’t it be a dream to have a LIFE again — complete with family dinners, girls nights out, romantic getaways, peaceful yoga practices and an occasional massage?

The Truth? Most Entrepreneurs Are Working Too. Damn. Hard.

We’re trying to take care of everyone and everything — in our lives + in our business — all by ourselves. It’s the same passion for helping others that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and on the road to burnout. {Ah, the irony.}
It’s not like we’re asking for a lot… we just want a more sustainable business!

One with leveraged income streams {so we can stop trading dollars for hours}, wait lists filled with perfect clients {so we can stop hustlin’ for every penny}, and time to savor all of our success {because we deserve it!}!

And it’s not that we don’t have what it takes.

We are SMART. And PASSIONATE. And driven by something GREATER than ourselves.

We Do This Work Because We LOVE It!

But when it comes to making our business really work for us {instead of working our asses off for our biz}…We’re not even sure where to begin.

So we fire up the Google and search for answers…

We Facebook stalk peeps who seem to have it all figured out {comparing our WORST to their BEST — and making ourselves feel craptastic in the process}…

And we download e-books + video series + training programs. We try out the ‘Business Success Blueprints’ or ‘Online Marketing Mastery’ formulas. And we do all this on TOP of running the day to day in our businesses.

And instead of making business easier and less stressful… we feel like we’re paddling upstream. Without a paddle.


With all the hype out there, it’s easy enough to find roadmaps + blueprints + formulas promising a turn-key model for business success. After all, the guru did all the hard work for you! They tested the entire system! They have exact scripts + emails copy + swipe files!

All the blueprints/formulas/secret steps to success approach entrepreneurship with a one-size-fits-all assembly line of business building. And while those strategies might give you a little bit of success —it’s never going to be as successful as a business custom tailored to leverage your own areas of genius.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will spend it’s whole life believing that it’s stupid.”  Albert Einstein

Here’s the Dirty Little Secret of the business coaching world…

All blueprints offer step-by-step tactics for WHAT to do.

But very few of them explain HOW to actually implement them in a way that is simple and sustainable.

And even fewer discuss WHO that strategy could work really well for{and WHO should avoid it completely}.

Or share WHY a strategy actually works + WHEN to use it {and how to optimize it for your personality, lifestyle, and business}.

The point is, there are so many variables that make each of our businesses different — from ourselves, our personality, our community, our goals, our desired lifestyle — that there is no-one-size-fits-all blueprint for success.

Your business isn’t a piece of IKEA furniture! No matter how many parts of your business that are similar to said expert — even if you’re serving the same type of program to the same community for the same price tag — YOU ARE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON! You have so much to bring into your business! You have your own amazing talents, divine gifts, and life experiences. You have your own strengths, style, and desires.

The world needs YOUR secret sauce — that ONLY YOU can offer. And while it’s insanely profitable {for those coaches}to push your biz through an assembly line of business training, where your biz {and you} is just one of hundreds if not thousands of students getting the exact same advice… the system is missing one key piece of the puzzle.

If you’ve been working on transforming your business but haven’t seen lasting success, there’s one fundamental reason why::

Your business hasn’t been consciously designed to fit You.

If you’re anything like me — you’re tired of the one-size-fits-all approach {and feeling completely inauthentic in your biz}. It’s time to take a more holistic view to design a business around your passion, purpose, and people you’re meant to serve {aka your business sweet spot}.

How I Created Success On My Terms

Once I became pregnant with my twins in 2009, I knew my existing business model would no longer work for me.

Up until that point, I put thousands of miles on my car as I drove between Atlanta + DC to work with 1×1 with clients and teach workshops. What had worked to get my business started wasn’t going to work when I became a mama {unless I gave up lots of time with my babies… which was not an option!}.

I knew that with the amazing upgrades in technology, I could leverage the internet to provide mentorship + training… and I could retire my crazy schedule driving up and down the East Coast.

My number one challenge? Finding a mentor who could accelerate my online biz learning curve – who also understood vision for my business and my family.

I quickly realized that 99% of what the ‘gurus’ are teaching just wasn’t helpful for me.

There are lots of people talking about the freedom of an online business… but they didn’t get my vision! They are able to be everywhere online, travel around the world for conferences, and run their biz from just a laptop while sipping cocktails on the beach.

Meanwhile here I was, on bedrest with a high-risk twin pregnancy, knowing that my version of FREEDOM had less to do with a jet-setting lifestyle and more to do with being able to run my biz my way – supporting my family while also truly being available for my kids.

I searched and searched, but could NOT find a mentor who shared my values. There was literally NO ONE who truly understood my vision to be mostly home with my children, and who hadn’t just built a successful business online – but did it while raising a family. While I hired several mentors and coaches, I quickly realized that what worked for just them wasn’t gonna work for me. So I started focusing in on ONLY the most important elements of my business that would allow me to not just support my family, but have the freedom to enjoy every minute of these precious first years. 

cIMG_4722 (1)Fast forward to today and I’ve unlocked the secrets of making my biz work for me…

Over the past few years, I’ve invested well over $50,000 into my own training, coaching, informational products and high-end mastermind programs {on top of over $100K in formal business training + graduating Magna Cum Laude with my MBA}.

I’ve devoured hundreds of books on every topic from consumer psychology to personal development to marketing strategy {yup — I’m a complete bookworm who averages 2 books a week!}.

And I’ve not only watched dozens of entrepreneurs from the sidelines… I’ve personally reached out to connect and interview them about what has and hasn’t worked in their business.

But more importantly – I did the work to help my clients get real results in their businesses.

By leaning into my deepest desires + intuition, I’ve sifted through all of this information to consciously design a dream-come-true business that is a true expression of my divine gifts, talents + passions.

The best part? In the past few years I’ve::

:: Grown my audience from a less than 100 to over 15,000 people around the world {that’s right – international baby!} allowing me to reach and serve more people than ever before!

:: Consistently DOUBLED my revenue each year for the past 3 years {allowing me to expand from just me to having an incredible team and this year it became possible for my husband quit his job to be home with our family!}

:: Become a sought after speaker, contributor and guest teacher for dozens of events and programs {including US Chamber of Commerce, Female Entrepreneur Association, Yoga Alliance, Off The Charts LIVE, The Rise to the Top, and more}

And because my business is custom tailored to my areas of genius + my preferred lifestyle, I’ve had the freedom + flexibility to work less than 20 hours a week {so I can savor the precious first years with my 5 year old twins + 2 year old toddler}.

So I know that if I can start a business AND a family – figuring out everything from the techy stuff to finding the perfect babysitter – anyone ready to take action can consciously design the business and life of their dreams {check out these amazing stories!}.

Even if you’re not a mama… you’re likely reading this because you too want true freedom in your life and business.

Freedom to turn your passion + purpose into your life’s work {making an impact + an income doing what you love}.

Freedom to work on the projects and ideas that light you up… and only work with clients you absolutely love.

Freedom to live your dream lifestyle right now where you make your own schedule and live on your terms {Yoga class at 11AM? No problem!}.

If I’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that you can have the life and business you truly desire and it all starts when you…


Once you discover your sweet spot, you no longer have to force your business into success. It flows there — with ease and grace.

SWEETSPOTWhen you live in your business sweet spot…

Purple Heart Bullet  Marketing becomes something you actually LOVE to do — because you’ve finally found an authentic way to communicate your message + help more people with less effort.

Purple Heart Bullet   You step into your zone of GENIUS — allowing you to focus 100% on clients you ADORE {doing work that comes effortlessly to you}

Purple Heart Bullet   The struggle between work/life balance ceases to exist — and you simply begin to love every minute of your work and your life {spending time in your sweet spot will do that to you!}  

So I Created Conscious Business Design

… because not only does consciously designing your business 100% around YOU make sense , it’s pretty much the only way to ensure that you’ll be able to do what you love for people who love what you do {without burning out or selling out}!

When I was ready to make the shift online with my business, I was overwhelmed with too much information from too many ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ who had NO. IDEA. what it was like to run a business while starting a family.

It felt like everyone was saying their way was the ONLY way – but what about MY WAY? 

The moment I started living in the grey – integrating only what WORKED for me into my biz and throwing out anything that didn’t – I started seeing incredible results.

So when my business BFFs asked ‘how did you do it?’… Conscious Business Design was born.

Now hundreds of students and five years later, I know this program works.

I’ll walk you through a deeply personalized, transformational process to tune into your deepest desires, biggest dreams, and unlock your potential to do your biz your way.

I have a crystal clear vision of what my business is going to look like and how I am going to get there.

“I’ve invested thousands of dollars into personal growth and coaching but it wasn’t until I started working with Racheal that I knew exactly what I was doing! Together we hit the nail on the head! I have a crystal clear vision of what my business is going to look like and HOW I am going to get there. If it wasn’t for our time together, I’d still be spinning trying to figure it all out. Racheal’s approach to business is one of a kind and heart centered. She’s given me the clarity to own a business that feels more like play!”

Heather Chauvin

Heather Chauvin {Owner of Happy Calm & Confident Kids, Windsor Ontario}

My programs have filled, my mailing list has nearly doubled and {most importantly to me} I have a clear plan for the future.

“I decided to work with Racheal when I was ready to up-level my biz. I had a solid foundation, but I really wanted to streamline — making more space for both my business to grow and for me to have more time for my personal life {including my own practice!}. I’m endlessly impressed with the depth + bredth of information that Racheal offers. It’s easy enough to find business advice… but it’s nearly impossible to find quality, relevant information. Racheal is my go-to whenever I need inspiration, advice, or new tips I’d never considered!

Since working with Racheal, my programs have filled, my mailing list has nearly doubled and {most importantly to me} I have a clear plan for the future. Less angst. More clarity. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Anna Guest-Jelley

Anna Guest-Jelley {Founder of Curvy Yoga, Nashville TN}

Inside Conscious Business Design

We’ll Start By Discovering Your Business Sweet Spot

SweetSpotPurple1Before we dive into designing your business mindful marketing plan, we’ll go through a process to discover your business sweet spot. You’ll learn…

:: Why passion alone is not enough to create a thriving and sustainable business {and discover the missing pieces to the profit puzzle}

:: How to determine the best business model for your unique talents desired lifestyle {so you can stop wasting time on unprofitable unsustainable income streams}

:: Why goal setting actually sets you up for FAILURE — and what to focus on instead

We’ll Become BFFs with Your Perfect-For-You Dream Clients

SweetSpotPurple2Ready to not only work exclusively with people you adore… but also have a wait list? Once you unlock these secrets, you’ll attract perfect-for-you clients like bees to honey. You’ll learn…

:: Why attempting to appeal to everyone is actually repelling the exact clients you could help the most — and how to quickly course correct

:: Copywriting secrets to discovering the exact needs of your peeps in the language that resonates deeply with their deepest desires

:: My proven method to getting inside the heads hearts of your peeps {essential info for your programs and services to get scooped up!}

We’ll Create Programs + Services Your Peeps Love

SweetSpotPurple3Time to turn your expertise, talents, and passion into programs + services your peeps can’t wait to to enroll in. Here you’ll create offerings so irresistible, they sell themselves! You’ll learn…

:: Exactly what types of programs + services your peeps are searching for RIGHT NOW and how to create an experience they can’t wait to sign up for

:: Why “stair-stepping” the release of your programs could actually put you out of business — and how to fast-track your success

:: How to get paid to test your ideas for programs + services {even before you’ve officially created them}

Design Your Mindful Marketing Plan

SweetSpotPurple4Imagine Marketing that FEELS GOOD. That authentically communicates the transformation you provide to your community {ick free}. That you can be proud of! That’s the core of Mindful Marketing. You’ll learn…

:: The Universal Principles of Mindful Marketing that you must master to grow your business both now in the future {the tools might change — but these foundations are timeless}

:: Which marketing tools & strategies are in alignment with YOUR SWEET SPOT {so you can finally stop forcing yourself to do things that feel gross or inauthentic}

:: How to sustainably layer different marketing strategies create a snowball effect{that continues to work FOR you even if you take a business savasana once in awhile}

Turn Your Business into By Invitation Only

SweetSpotPurple5When Mindful Marketing is done right — you never have to sell yourself again. When your business is designed around your sweet spot, suddenly your business is by invitation only… ensuring that everyone you work with is a 100% perfect fit. You’ll learn…

:: How to avoid wasting your time with free sessions that never turn into clients

:: The big mistake most entrepreneurs make that could be leaving up to 70% of your profits on the table — and what to do instead

:: Which invitation methods work the best for your unique communication style + personality {so you can enroll peeps into your programs with ease}

OWN Your Role as Conscious CEO

SweetSpotPurple6Too many incredible solopreneurs leave one boss {aka their JOB} in search of more freedom and a better life… only to replace that single boss for dozens of bosses {aka your clients}. So the question is – who IS the boss around here?

Look in the mirror! It’s YOU!

Time to step it up and own it.

Being a conscious CEO means knowing the difference between letting your business run YOU and you running your business.  You’ll learn…

:: How a successful CEO spends their days, weeks, and months to move forward towards their dreams {*hint* they don’t spend all days responding to emails or on Twitter}

:: Why you’ve gotta get OFF your site + OUT of your business if you want to break free from being the best kept secret in town

:: Why a business BFF is crucial for every entrepreneur’s success {and how to find a fantastic mastermind partner}

:: When is the right time to start building your team + delegating the details {so you can focus ON your biz instead of IN your biz!}

Plus… Hands On Integration + Implementation Support

Don’t worry — I’m not going to leave you on your own to “figure out” how to implement what you’re learning – I’ll be right there with you every step of the way!

That’s why twice during Conscious Business Design, we’ll press the pause button on learning new information for a full week so you can fully integrate the concepts into your new or existing business. During these weeks, we will…

:: Experience live hands on Integration + Implementation sessions to get LIVE support and coaching from Racheal and your CBD Success Coaches Val + Lauren!

:: Implement your new sweet spot strategies to begin working smarter, not harder.

:: Get our eyes on your biz + marketing strategies with two full weeks of email coaching {send in your website, newsletters, sales pages, and more for review}

:: Put on your CEO hat to create your custom 12 month action plan, complete with a full marketing and launch strategy for the year ahead.

Introducing Your CBD Success Coaches!

I’ve invited six incredible CBD Alumni to join Team CBD in providing additional support and coaching throughout the Conscious Business Design! In addition to the support you’ll receive directly with Racheal during our live calls + email coaching weeks, your CBD Success Coaches will be available Monday – Friday inside our private group to answer Qs as well as host additional live office hours for additional love, encouragement, and support!

Continue the Momentum with Sweet Spot Online Mastermind

Live In Your Business Sweet Spot with a Gratis Membership!

Build on what you’ve learned during Conscious Business Design. The Sweet Spot Online Mastermind is only open to CBD alumni, so you’ll be instantly connected with a community of business owners just like you who are driven and committed to results in their biz!

What You’ll Get Inside The Sweet Spot Online Mastermind::

Ongoing Monthly Online Mastermind Calls with Racheal

That’s right – even when CBD ends, you’ll be able to jump on this LIVE call to ask your burning Qs and get my eyes on your biz. Want a quick review of your new website? Done. Question about mapping out your first online program? Let’s do it. Feeling stuck and not sure which offer to launch first? I’m here to help you each step of the way!

Advanced Workshops + Mini-Trainings

Over the past 5 years of running a 100% online biz, I’ve experimented and tested a TON of ideas. And lucky for you – I’m pretty OCD about documenting everything that I’ve done so I can turn around and teach YOU step-by-step how to tackle nearly any online marketing challenge + strategy to grow your online business.

Masterclasses with Incredible Guest Teachers

There’s one thing I know for sure – when I need additional support, I turn to the experts! That’s why I’m so excited that my own Business BFFs are joining me to go deep into Branding, Customer Experience, Copywriting, PR, Design, Social Media, Building a Team, Guest Posting, Podcasting, Intellectual Property Law, and more!

“Thank you so much for the Sweet Spot Online Mastermind! It’s thick with helpful, practical tips for building a sustainable business. It has info that would take me months to find. I feel like I have real insider access to this world of entrepreneurship. I’m floored with the sheer amount of content. I listen to the podcasts in my car or while cooking. I look forward to my commutes because I can learn something. I found myself taking notes while listening to a previous recording when waiting for a patient to deliver. I wanted you to know that I LOVE what you are doing and am so grateful.”

Kristi Angevine MD

Kristi Angevine MD {OBGYN + New Mama Advocate, Chattanooga TN}

Is Conscious Business Design Right For You?

You’re Invited to Join this Intimate Online Mastermind Experience If…

:: You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur {especially yoga teachers, coaches, wellness professionals, or service providers} who is ready to dramatically increase your impact in the world

:: You’ve been getting most of your clients by word-of-mouth but you want to have a more systematized + sustainable way of attracting new clients

:: You’re an independent soul who loves the idea of being in control of their business + marketing, instead of constantly putting out fires and coming up with last minute promotions to keep the cash flowing.

:: You’ve tried out a few “blueprints” that didn’t 100% fit you or your personality — and you want to tailor your business + marketing strategy to authentically reflect YOU, your passion, your purpose, and your personality

:: You’ve learned a little about marketing {or maybe even a lot}, but you’re ready to perfect your own secret sauce and dramatically upgrade your business + lifestyle with ease

:: You’re an action taker who is ready to roll up their sleeves, upgrade their biz + marketing skills, and implement like crazy to make a massive difference for their business for years to come {you’re ready to optimize your biz to work FOR YOU!}

What you’re doing is f*cking amazing!

Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte {Author + Speaker, Vancouver BC}

Racheal is a G-E-N-I-U-S conscious biz coach! She’s one of those crazy-productive powerhouse optimizer/organizer geniuses who knows how to boil everything down to a SYSTEM and get results.

Kris Ward

Kris Ward {Founder of Abundant Yogi, Charleston SC}

Racheal teaches from experience… if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re gonna be like Oh My God this {Conscious Business Design} is exactly what I need!

David Siteman Garland

David Siteman Garland {Founder of The Rise to The Top, St. Louis, MO}

Conscious Business Design 2015

Mindful + Practical Strategy to Live In Your Business Sweet Spot

Conscious Business Design is a multimedia mindful marketing training and online mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to create a life + a living doing what you love and loving what you do.

On the surface? It’s about business and marketing strategy.

But really? It’s about doing YOU in your business and consciously designing a business and a life doing work that you LOVE.

It’s designed for people who want to do business BETTER than usual – people who want to do good in the world and build a business based on service, generosity, and mindfulness.

This program works for yoga teachers, holistic healers, creative entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, wellness warriors, tarot readers, service providers, life coaches and many more… you can read dozens of testimonials and case studies from savvy soulful entrepreneurs just like you.

And we purposefully keep this group intimate so that my CBD Success Coaches and I can really get to know you and your business – giving you the best support and coaching possible.

When you enroll in Conscious Business Design, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to our private membership site where you’ll get 8 weeks of training + personalized attention that you won’t find anywhere else!

Each week you’ll get a lil’ note via email from me to guide you through that week’s on-demand training {that’s right – you can work on YOUR schedule!}. Then we’ll come together during our weekly Online Mastermind call to help you integrate + implement what you’ve learned into your biz.

My favorite part? The intimate Online Mastermind! Conscious Business Design is built around a small and tight-knit heart-centered community of entrepreneurs ready to hold each other up to their highest vision and potential.

When you join us for Fall 2015, you and your new Business BFFs will support each other through the entire process AND you’ll get hands on implementation support + advanced trainings.

Even if you’ve never participated in any online training or coaching before,
I’ve made this entire process easy-peasy!


Conscious Business Design 2015 Includes::

6 Core Multi-Media Lessons + Focused Assignments {Value $3000}

Each week, you’ll get access to a multi-media lesson {video, MP3 audio, transcripts, slides, + worksheets} designed to help you dramatically upgrade your conscious business and mindful marketing skills so you can make the impact + income you desire.

The on-demand multi-media training is delivered through a members-only website where you’ll be guided through the program step-by-step. All training modules are set up so you can watch the video, then take the immediate action steps to implement what you’ve learned in your business.

2 Full Integration + Implementation Weeks w/ Email Coaching {Value $1500}

While most programs leave you to figure out implementation on your own, I’m dedicated to helping you get into ACTION NOW so you can start serving more people {and making more money} right away! That’s why these Integration + Implementation weeks include not only our regular live Online Mastermind call, but you’ll also get private email coaching with our CBD Success Coaches.

Even sweeter? During these weeks you’ll get access to bonus trainings and workshops to deepen the process.

Racheal takes business and marketing complexities and turns them into simplified solutions that help you bring your offering forward.

“In this day and time when technology is shifting by the minute and marketing yourself is being impacted by each change, it’s important to know you have a resource that can get you on track and up to date with the latest marketing trends and business solutions. Creating systems that attract your target audience and help maintain your business so it runs smoothly is so important for solopreneurs that wear many hats. Racheal takes business and marketing complexities and turns them into simplified solutions that help you bring your offering forward into a thriving business.

Jessica Bolyston-Fagonde

Jessica Boylston-Fagonde {Owner of Brand Thyself, Charleston SC}

She’s a masterful teacher who can teach you the proven strategies and skills needed to design a business that works perfectly for you.

“Racheal is a perfect example of a successful entrepreneur how has mastered the art of balancing work and personal life.  That’s no small feat!  She’s a masterful teacher who can teach you the proven strategies and skills needed to design a business that works perfectly for you and your unique gifts.”

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield {Author & Facebook Expert, Carlsbad CA}

 Support & Bonuses To Accelerate Your Success

My goal is to give you everything you need to succeed! After graduating 100s of Conscious Business Designers since 2011, we know you want more support, more individualized attention + solutions, and more advanced training. It’s all built into this online mastermind experience!

Weekly Online Mastermind Calls {Value $3000}

During these LIVE group calls, I’ll provide individualized support to help you apply the material directly to YOUR business. Ask any Q and get the support you need to move your business forward. And as long as you’re a member, you can jump on these live calls each time we run Conscious Business Design {for life!}.


2 All-Access Email Coaching Weeks {Value $500}

During your Integration + Implementation weeks, you’ll get DIRECT email access to our CBD Success Coaches for laser-coaching. Send in your marketing materials for review, get feedback on creating + launching your offering, and we’ll even help tweak your copywriting to attract perfect-for-you clients!


Weekly Love Note from Racheal {Value $500}

I’ll be by your side every step of the way! You’ll get a weekly email from me to guide you through the entire program. I’ll let you know which videos to watch, which assignments to complete, and how to implement the lessons in your business… plus encouragement to stay fired up & focused!


Your Sweet Start 5-Day Bootcamp {Value $497}

This new mini-program just for Conscious Business Design will help free up your bandwidth and lay the foundation for all the business strategy and marketing training we’re about to dive into… and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS when you enroll!

Racheal’s LOVE List {Value $497}

Get access to my personal rolodex recommending tools + service providers {from VAs to designers to copywriters} I absolutely ADORE + I’ll give an honest review of WHY I think they are fab. You’ll even get insider info on who is currently helping me grow The Yogipreneur!

Access to the Coolest Women in the World {Value Priceless!}

Elevating your biz {and life} to new levels can be a huge challenge! That’s why I’ve created a CBD Members Only Facebook group where you can connect with other current and alumni Conscious Business Design members just like you. The best part? You get access for LIFE!

Sweet Spot Online Mastermind {Value $1197}*

On-going support working side-by-side with your Business BFFs to help you deliver on your big vision. In the Sweet Spot Mastermind you’ll have monthly calls with Racheal as well as guest experts, plus strategy calls, ongoing support, and much more!

Techy Training To Attract Your Tribe {Value $997}*

As a graduation bonus, you’ll get access to the latest programs from the Techy Training To Attract Your Tribe series — including Your Sweet Site, Heart Your Community, and Design Your Online Biz.

Lifetime Membership {Value Priceless!}

You read that right. Once you’re in, you’re in. Not only will the Conscious Business Design training always be available for you {so you can take at your own pace}, but as long as I’m running this program, you can jump in year after year for updates and upgrades to the program.

*Bonuses marked with an * are graduation bonuses, meaning you’ll receive access to them once you complete the program.

Total Conscious Business Design Value $10,000+

Total Conscious Business Design Investment Only $1997

Conscious Business Design is Now Open!

Is 2015 your year to make it happen? Join us! Class Starts October 5th!

1 Payment $1997

4 Payments $525

6 Payments $375

Join Us for 30 Days!

100% Risk Free Karma Friendly Guarantee

I stand behind everything I offer you 100%! So I’m gonna take on all the risk. If you fully participate in Conscious Business Design and you’re not 100% satisfied, then you can request a refund within the first 30 days.

Your End: Fully engage in the program for the first 30 days, including:

  1. Viewing the first 4 training modules and listening to live Q&A coaching calls;
  2. Print off & complete all accompanying homework;
  3. Interact on the Members-Only website, specifically The Yogipreneur Community forum for homework and feedback, as well as comments and questions in each module training.

If you’re not completely happy with the training, contact my team and me directly (support at theyogipreneur dot com) within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your money back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We require your completed homework from all available modules before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you do the work, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then honestly we didn’t do our work! And we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

My End: I’ll issue you a refund. Obviously, it’s a big risk for me! But I’m so committed to helping you launch the business of your dreams — so you can finally share your passion, serve your community, and honor yourself & your family — that I’ll do everything I can to help you overcome any obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward!

So are you ready for more ease & less stress?

I know you’ve probably invested in other training or maybe even coaching for your business. Conscious Business Design isn’t one of those One Size Fits All Tips + Tricks programs that gives you a million things to do and leaves you on your own to figure out how to implement.

RachealCookMamaConscious Business Design was created specifically for busy heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you — who are ready to think {and get sh*t done!} like the most successful Mindful Marketers + Conscious Business Designers!

If you’re ready to get all the tools, technology, accountability and support you need to create your OWN method of attracting amazing perfect-for-you community + clients, building a thriving + sustainable conscious business, and having insane amounts of fun doing it — Conscious Business Design is for you.

And you’ll do it arm-in-arm with other amazing Conscious Business Designers who are committed to holding each-other up to their highest potential in their business + their life.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. All you have to do is take the next step.

Can’t wait to see you inside!



PS – If you’re overwhelmed with your life + your business even though you KNOW this is the work you are meant to do in the world — you owe it to yourself to find a way to create more EASE, more JOY, and more MONEY in your business today!

Enrollment is Now Open for Fall 2015!

The Countdown is on to Save Your Seat! Class Starts October 5th!

1 Payment $1997

4 Payments $525

6 Payments $375

Is Conscious Business Design Right For Me?


Got Questions? We’ve got answers! Here’s our top FAQs::

When does Conscious Business Design Start? What is the schedule?

You’ll get access to the bonus bootcamp, Your Sweet Start, upon enrollment. This 5 day program was designed to get you fired up and focused on what you’re creating in your business {and your life} and is essential pre-work to what we’ll do inside CBD. After years of running this program, I’ve found that participants get the BEST results if they have the support and encouragement of a live group. That’s why Conscious Business Design is a LIVE Multimedia Mindful Marketing Training AND Online Mastermind!

We officially start Monday October 5th, 2015. Each Monday, you’ll get access to a new module including multi-media video training {that you can watch on your schedule each week}, downloadable journal prompts and worksheets, and even the presentation slides and transcripts to make it incredibly easy to take notes.

Our WEEKLY live Online Mastermind group calls are Thursdays at 5PM London | 12PM NYC | 9AM LA {and all calls are recorded in case you can’t join}.

{Monday October 5, 2015} Module 1 – Your Sweet Spot

{Monday October 12, 2015} Module 2 – Your Sweet Peeps

{Monday October 19, 2015} Module 3 – Your Sweet Offerings

{Monday October 26, 2015} Integration + Implementation Week

{Monday November 2, 2015} Module 4 – Your Sweet Mindful Marketing

{Monday November 9, 2015} Module 5 – Your Sweet Invitation

{Monday November 16, 2015} Module 6 – Your Sweet Relationships

{Monday November 23, 2015} Integration + Implementation Week

By the time we wrap up the 6 core training modules and 2 integration implementation weeks, you’ll have everything you need to launch your biz or new offering in 2016!

How much time do I need each week to do Conscious Business Design?

The honest answer – the more you put IN to Conscious Business Design, the more you’ll get OUT of it!

After going through the several iterations of the program, we’ve found that you’ll need about 2 hours a week to go through each multimedia training module.

AND you also get access to live Online Mastermind group calls, bonus Integration Implementation Hands On Workshops, additional bonus trainings, and one of the most amazing communities EVER!

So if you really want to squeeze all the goodness out of this program, I recommend about 3-5 hours a week. That said – many of our students go through the program multiple times to go deeper into the material and get new clarity – so your lifetime access means you can never fall behind in Conscious Business Design.

I’m traveling/ getting married/ expecting a baby soon — what if I miss a call or get behind?

I know you’re busy — as a mama to five year old twins and a 2 year old, I get it! That’s why I made Conscious Business Design to fit YOU and your lifestyle. For whatever is going on in your life, we’ve got you covered! You will never have to worry about missing out because you get lifetime access to Conscious Business Design.

You can’t ever “fall behind” in this program. Even though we have a schedule in place to help you gain momentum in your business, you have complete freedom to take the program at YOUR PACE — so if you want to spend more time with a section or simply need to take some time away, the program is here for you as long as you need it.

If you can’t make a call live, no worries! We will record each call with a summary of topics discussed so you can listen to the most relevant calls for you. AND if you have a question but can’t make it live, you can send your questions in advance so I can answer it on the call. Again — all the training mastermind content will be available online through our private members area so you can learn on your schedule.

What if I'm just getting started in my business - I have an idea what I want to do but no idea how to get there?

First – kudos to you! Just by checking out Conscious Business Design, I know you’re a go-getter who is committed to getting the support you need to launch the business and life of your dreams!

Conscious Business Design was created for new and established entrepreneurs who are ready to take massive action towards designing their dream business and life.

We’ve successfully helped brand new entrepreneurs launch their vision – including peeps straight out of yoga teacher training or health coaching programs!

You don’t need to have a website, business cards, or even your products services mapped out. Through the Conscious Business Design process, we’ll help you hone in on your Business Sweet Spot and make sure your learning curve is dramatically shorter than going it alone.

If you’re ready to accelerate the process from research to results, CBD is here to help. Have specific Qs? Email us at hello@rachealcook.com and we’ll make sure it’s a perfect fit.

What if I'm running my business on the side - I'm ready to transition out of my JOB and into my biz full time?

You’ll love Conscious Business Design. I know taking your biz from a side-hustle to your full-time career can be a tricky process… especially if you’ve got a family to support and bills to pay!

And I know first hand exactly where you are. How? Because I’ve build my business from scratch to a multi-six-figure business over the past 8 years {bootstrapping – aka no loans or debt or funding – all the way} while simultaneously starting my family. In fact – just this year, my biz was able to replace my husband’s salary so he could ‘retire’ from teaching and come to work with me!

The transition can be a tricky one for sure – but with the right support and the right strategies, you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on right now to build up your revenues so you can replace your salary, where to invest while you don’t have the stress of cash-flow, and what your time should be spent on {so you don’t burn out!}

What if I'm more experienced? Will I learn anything new?

Here’s the deal —  you can be an absolute beginner or a few years into your biz — but if you don’t have these Universal Principles of Entrepreneurship & Mindful Marketing in place, you’ll find yourself in 911 mode constantly putting out fires. 

Instead of being able to focus on the bigger picture tasks will allow your biz to thrive, you’ll find yourself pulled in a million directions with as many to-dos just to survive.

Ok so that might seem a little dramatic… but you get my point. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed and unsure of how to make your business really work for you with MORE EASE and less stress, Conscious Business Design will teach you how.

No doubt we all want to learn exciting ‘advanced’ tips and tricks {and you will get more advanced training during your year inside the Sweet Spot Mastermind}… but unless your biz is consistently enrolling new clients, filling up your programs events, and providing you with the lifestyle you prefer {with time to actually enjoy it}… there’s a really good chance you’ve got some work to do on the basics first.

Once you have these foundational elements in place and are empowered with a business and marketing strategy 100% tailored around YOUR business sweet spot, you can stop wasting time with marketing tactics that don’t work or stressing over offers that don’t sell. You’ll have the tools and confidence to design the perfect biz FOR YOU.

What kind of businesses are in Conscious Business Design?

This program is perfect for heart-centered service providers who have a mission to do business better than usual!

We’ve welcomed yoga teachers, health coaches, life coaches, creativity coaches, meditation teachers, virtual assistants, web designers, tarot card readers, colon hydrotherapists, OB-GYN doctors, financial planners, yoga studio owners, copywriters, photographers, bloggers, spiritual teachers, documentary film makers, wellness warriors, fitness experts, naturopathic doctor, doulas, parenting coaches, holistic healthcare centers and more!

If you’re offering a service, coaching, or information to help people become healthier, happier, and make the world a better place, you’ll love Conscious Business Design!

I've done other programs about business, online marketing, content marketing, etc. How is this different?

There are a lot of programs available that offer business or marketing training. Some focus on one specific topic, such as branding or blogging or copywriting. Others are full business blueprints complete with what to offer and a generic marketing plan to promote it.

But very few of them explain HOW to implement the concepts you’ve learned, the psychology and science behind WHY a strategy works and WHEN to use it, or WHO should use this strategy {and how to adapt it to fit you and your business}.

I know your business is not just something you DO… it’s part of who you are. Your business is the creative outlet through which you share your heart and soul with the world. That is why Conscious Business Design is a completely heart-centered holistic approach to bring ALL OF YOU to the strategic planning process.

If you’ve done some work on identifying your ideal clients, creating your unique brand, and testing some different marketing ideas… Conscious Business Design will bring all of that together so you have a solid foundation to launch or up-level your business.

Conscious Business Design isn’t just another program telling you WHAT to do — leaving you on your own to figure out how the concepts actually work in your biz — it’s a complete business marketing training program to build up your mindful marketing muscles so you’ll know HOW to market your business in a way that authentically reflects YOU. You’ll be empowered to do create great marketing again and again for the lifetime of your biz.

The best part? You don’t have to do it alone. Conscious Business Design includes access to not only Racheal throughout every single week, but SIX additional CBD Success Coaches who will be providing incredible support Monday – Friday inside our community and hosting their own 1×1 office hours calls.

Do I get live access to Racheal for coaching, support, and feedback?

YES! I’ve intentionally limited enrollment so that I can really get to know YOU and your business {in fact, the first thing you’ll do is fill out a questionnaire so I can start learning about you your biz}.

I’ve been in several programs myself where I was one of thousands of people inside the program… and if your question made it to the front of the line during office hours, you might get an answer that is actually relevant to your biz. Maybe.

But your business is as unique as you are! And I know that when I keep the group intimate, I can help you tailor everything you’ve learned to fit you and your biz. Conscious Business Design gives you access to me during LIVE Online Mastermind Calls and inside our private CBD Members Group.

BONUS! You’ll also have access to our CBD Success Coaches Val Geisler and Lauren Fritsch as well as our newest class of CBD Success Coaches! These CBD Alumni were hand selected to join Team Conscious Business Design for additional support and coaching for 2015 because they’ve done the work and gotten results. Not only will they be supporting you DAILY Monday – Friday inside our community, but hosting additional office hours where you can pop in to get 1×1 support and respond to your burning Qs during email coaching weeks.

That’s like having access to 7 coaches for the price of 1!

I've never taken an online training or coaching program before... how does this work?

Even if you’ve never taken an online training program before, I’ve made this entire process EASY!

All of the Multimedia training modules, recordings of Online Mastermind sessions, and bonuses are hosted in a private membership site. You’ll get your username + password via email within minutes of enrolling.

Each week, a new training module will go LIVE inside the private membership site. We have intentionally designed the program so that you can complete training and accompanying implementation steps, in order.

You’ll be able to join our live Online Mastermind sessions and Hands On Integration Implementation Workshops through our webinar system. This system allows you to not only listen to Racheal, but also view her screen as she teaches, ask questions via instant message or chat, and even video chat! All you need is a computer (or iPad) and internet connection.

My favorite part — you’ll be able to collaborate co-create with amazing peeps inside the private members-only Facebook page. This is where you can ask for support and feedback for just about anything. You’ll also have the opportunity to pair up to go even deeper into Conscious Business Design process.

What if I'm not ready right now? When will Conscious Business Design be offered again?

We do run Conscious Business Design LIVE a couple of times a year. After 2015, we’ll be reducing how often we run Conscious Business Design so that we can dedicate more of our team’s energy to helping our CBD Alumni to integrating and implementing everything from CBD.

But if you want to do Conscious Business Design — and there is any way you can make it work for you — I’d encourage you to join now so you can take advantage of all the additional support and mentoring.

When can I expect to see results in my business?

Let me start by saying this – Conscious Business Design is NOT a get rich quick, create a six-figure business in 60 days type of program.

I’ve seen CBD students see results within weeks because they laser focused on what would make the biggest impact in their biz. Some have had their best months ever simply because with a few subtle but important tweaks, they were able to fill their client docket or re-launch an existing offering.

However for more students, seeing results in the 6 months following Conscious Business Design is more common, especially for those who are starting businesses from scratch or taking it in a brand new direction.

Ultimately I believe that the key to a successful and sustainable business is going at YOUR pace. While the program is released on an 8 week schedule with an additional 10 months of support inside the Sweet Spot Mastermind, we’re here to support you in integrating and implementing in the time-frame that best works for you.

Finally – if you’re business is in true emergency status or investing in this program would take food off the table, this is not the program for you. Please get started with our 100% free Fired Up & Focused Challenge!

Still Have Questions? Reach Us at Hello@RachealCook.com!

Conscious Business Design Fall 2015

Multi-Media Mindful Marketing Training + Online Mastermind Kicks Off October 5th!

1 Payment $1997

4 Payments $525

6 Payments $375

Sweet Spotlights:

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Conscious Business Design Fall 2015

The business and life you want is waiting for you! Starting October 5th!

1 Payment $1997

4 Payments $525

6 Payments $375

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Earnings Disclaimer: We’ve taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent Conscious Business Design and the ability of this program to help you grow your business and improve your life. Each persons results will vary. You alone are responsible for your actions and results which are dependent on personal factors including your skill knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few. There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, as a result of using our programs and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates and there is no guarantee that you will make these levels yourself. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at hello@theyogipreneur.com