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CaseyTell Us About Your Sweet Success!
Here’s to celebrating a FULL private client mentorship docket, a team that I can count on, and the space in my calendar for me time, friend time, and family time! I have Racheal and Conscious Business Design to thank!

Tell us about your journey to sweet success {aka your BEFORE picture}:

Before CBD, I was a “one-man-show” who said “yes” to anything and everything I could, even at the expense of my own self-care. Because of my fear of getting “too niched,” I took on clients who weren’t a perfect fit for what I had to offer. In addition, I did not have the business knowledge or tools I needed to simplify my schedule, build systems, or get support. I felt scattered, overwhelmed, and often, drained.

What made the BIGGEST difference?

Through CBD I discovered where I BEST serve in this world and have committed myself to that purpose. I learned about creating a model calendar, which helped me schedule time to work on the most important aspects of my business and life. I also discovered online tools to help me built an email list, manage client schedules, and create programs for online education. I feel I have a clear path ahead and the support I need for the journey.

Did you have moments of doubt?

I had a total breakdown part way through, where I questioned everything about my business and my life. Racheal was there for me. She reminded me that struggle is part of the self-development process and helped to get me back on track with my biz + life. Doubt is part of this journey. It’s inevitable. What matters most is how you react to doubt; how you dust yourself off and keep on trucking.

How did you feel when you achieved those sweet results?

Abundant. Free. Grateful.

How did this impact other areas of your life?

Because I feel empowered and confident in my business, I am less concerned about whether or not it will work out. With less concern, I am more positive and more present with my family and friends.
{I’m also making more money, which certainly helps ;)}

How did you celebrate your sweet success?

I went on a great snowboarding trip with my boyfriend and friends and am headed home to the farm to visit my sweet little nephew.

How did Racheal & Conscious Business Design help on your journey to Sweet Success?

Racheal provided stellar education, support, and mentorship.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for other entrepreneurs?

Just do it. You are good enough.