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Tell Us About Your Sweet Success!IreneLangeveld 1581x1581

Going from occasional 1 on 1 sessions (a couple per month) to a consistently sold out 1 on 1 mentoring program with a wait-list!

Tell us about your journey to sweet success {aka your BEFORE picture}:

I had difficulty finding who I could best serve (my ideal clients) and describing what I could help them with. I had online courses that were going well but I was only doing a couple of 1 on 1 sessions per month. I also didn’t have a structure to create regular content (that’s what The Fired Up & Focused Challenge gave me)!

What made the BIGGEST difference?

Two things made a big difference. One: getting clarity on who I could serve and what I could help them with (and explaining that clearly on my website). Two: creating coaching packages (a mentoring program) instead of one-off sessions and opening that mentoring program a few times per year. Once I did that, I only had to send one (!) short email to my mailing list to sell out the program.

Did you have moments of doubt?

I sometimes doubted whether I could find a way to offer my services in a way that would feel authentic and aligned with me. Integrity and authenticity are very big for me so many marketing techniques are just not a good fit. I am overly happy that I have found a way to simply explain clearly how I can help people and then the people that resonate with it sign up.

How did you feel when you achieved those sweet results?

It feels amazing! I know very little people who actually live from their spiritual business and I feel proud that I have built my business in this way.

How did this impact other areas of your life?

I could leave my part-time job in child care (but I choose to stay there for as long as I can because I love my job so much!). I know I can live from my business when I want to, which is a great feeling. And… I started traveling again!

How did you celebrate your sweet success?

I booked a ticket to Arizona and attended a conference I really wanted to go to. The success with my one-on-one program made that possible.

How did Racheal & Conscious Business Design help on your journey to Sweet Success?

Racheal’s Conscious Business Design program helped me get much more clarity on who I can serve and how I can help them. Making the switch to offering coaching packages instead of single sessions has been huge. Plus I have a plan and a structure for the coming time with courses and workshops I want to create and a regular schedule for writing blogs, creating videos and submitting guest blogs. It has helped me ‘go pro’ and I love it!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for other entrepreneurs?

There are so many components that need to be in place for success in your business, it is hard to pick just one piece of advice. I would say: continuously build your list through blogging and guest blogging, create clear offers and a super clear website so people know immediately what you can help them with.