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KathyStowell 343x514Tell Us About Your Sweet Success!

My income has doubled from last year and I’m well on my way to selling all 20 spots for my coaching training program thanks to the clarity and insight I found in CBD.

Tell us about your journey to sweet success {aka your BEFORE picture}:

My business was in the throes of a years long spaghetti throwing to see what sticks phase. There were some successful throws but this go-to tactic was making quite the mess, wasting a lot of money and leaking my confidence with my internal CEO’s judgement calls. Probably the biggest struggle in finding success was knowing exactly what to focus on in terms what offerings to pour my time and energy into. Me being a hyper creative, I always feel I have about a million ideas perculating inside of me at all times and the mama in me just wants to birth them all. Not conducive to improving my decision-making and action-taking skills!

What made the BIGGEST difference?

Being more mindful about my marketing lead to my success. I love the process outlined in CBD about getting into the head, then the bed, of the client’s! It’s an exercise I’ve been through before but the way Racheal guided us through it helped clicked it all together for me resulting in me knowing which offerings, marketing strategies and ideal peeps to meditate on during my precious working hours.

Did you have moments of doubt?

I was having a rough week a couple of months back which climaxed as me busting into my husband’s office pouting, then crying, really hard. That was my ‘moment of transition’. Right before giving birth the first time I learned that there will be a moment when you start talking crazy, requesting drugs, or start wailing about how you don’t know what you’re doing. That means the birth of your baby’s just around the corner! That cry baby moment was my business’s transition moment. I got a hug, then stayed with the process while all the pieces started falling together sweetly with ease and intention.

How did you feel when you achieved those sweet results?

It felt like a wave of trust washing over me that everything happens for a reason and I can make things happen with focus and strategy. With the tools, strengths awareness tests and processes introduced to us in CBD I can continue trusting that I will be lead to my business’s even sweeter spot over and over again.

How did this impact other areas of your life?

I can afford now to hire my assistant on for twice the amount of hours I had her on the year before which frees me up to implement even more of the gleanings picked up during the program such as guest posting, marketing planning and, most importantly, time away from my computer to recharge and get re-inspired with life outside of work.

How did you celebrate your sweet success?

First with a night out to a chi chi restaurant then dancing with a few lady friends of mine who also had sweet celebrations of the entrepreneur variety. Then I ordered myself a crazy comfy pair of bell-bottomed jeans online. The gamble of buying jeans online was exhilarating (and paid off – can’t take them off now)!

How did Racheal & Conscious Business Design help on your journey to Sweet Success?

It offered me a path to follow created by a woman who gets the heart-centered nature of the online work I’m involved in and has found the level of success I want to be at. I always say ‘I just do what Racheal tells me to’! I’m truly impressed with how she’s translated her wisdom, expertise, her firm but loving mama energy in this professionally and user friendly platform.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for other entrepreneurs?

When investing in your business with ecourses, coaching, training, books or any other information type products and services ensure you take the time to implement and take in the material in the manner that works best for you. Almost everything I purchase now (and the products I create for that matter), I look for an audio component. I’ve noticed it’s the best way I personally integrate! On that note, I’ve been listening to the CBD lessons every time I take my dog for a walk so I’m feeling these days feel like my brain’s part Racheal. I love this feeling!