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DSC_1377Tell Us About Your Sweet Success!

Since finishing CBD, I’ve went from teaching 10 group yoga classes at our local studio to 3. I confidently raised my prices. I have designed a beautiful website using the amazing Techy training. I launched my signature offering and I just had my first paying client for this high-end offer. I have literally doubled my income in the past 8 weeks! I have a clear marketing plan and managing my systems is a lot easier now. One of the biggest differences for me as a yoga instructor has been that I have been able to get back to my personal practice on a daily basis.

Tell us about your journey to sweet success {aka your BEFORE picture}:

Before CBD I was running all over town from group class to group class just trying to make $20. My biggest struggle was saying “no” to teaching group classes and I wasn’t confident in clearly communicating my ideal rate. I was struggling to handle the “business” side of things that comes with being a “yogipreneur”. I had no idea about marketing, website design, branding, etc. I also just didn’t know where to start with everything and was feeling too overwhelmed.

What made the BIGGEST difference?

I took everything one day at a time. I implemented the strategies one at a time in CBD by scheduling them into my calendar and getting it done. The second thing is I just went for it! Even though I was terrified to launch a big program in my small town and to say no to teaching more group classes, I had support from Rachael and my Biz BFFs to just dive right in!

Did you have moments of doubt?

Absolutely! I kept thinking that I wasn’t good enough to raise my prices or launch this big program. I questioned myself quite a bit. I worked through it by talking to other CBD participants and doing a little positive affirmation.

How did you feel when you achieved those sweet results?

Absolute bliss!

How did this impact other areas of your life?

As mentioned before, I have been able to focus on my personal yoga practice and have more time with my fiancé.

How did you celebrate your sweet success?

I’m about to pop a bottle of champagne!

How did Racheal & Conscious Business Design help on your journey to Sweet Success?

Racheal provided the tools, support, encouragement and inspiration that I needed to be successful. I absolutely couldn’t have done everything without Racheal and CBD. I absolutely LOVED the CBD Facebook group and am grateful for all the connections and Biz BFFs I’ve made along the way. I can’t recommend this program enough! I am so lucky that I found Racheal early on in my yoga teaching career (9 months). However, no matter what stage you in along your journey, you NEED this program!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for other entrepreneurs?

Connect with people doing similar work as you and have a support network where you can talk about the struggles and celebrate successes in your industry.