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TVG-with-smoothieell Us About Your Sweet Success!

I launched my business in November, and just landed my first client for my high-end health coaching package that I created through CBD!

Tell us about your journey to sweet success {aka your BEFORE picture}:

My business before CBD was hardly a business. I started pretty much from scratch. I knew that I wanted to do a health coaching biz, but I had an email list I wasn’t emailing, a Facebook fan page that I didn’t know what to do with, and not a clue on how to get clients. I decided to invest in CBD early on in designing my business because I knew I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, and didn’t want to pay the price of not getting it right the first time. At the time, I knew I had a cross-country move coming up, and I couldn’t afford to make amateur mistakes or mess around until I found something that worked. I needed a system now!

What made the BIGGEST difference?

So many things for me were game changers, including: creating systems, optimizing my time, learning what I was best at the world at, seeing where I wanted to go in the future, but also knowing exactly where I need to zone in each day.

Did you have moments of doubt?

Yes! All the time, but I think that’s natural. As a health coach, I had doubts about why someone would want to work with me (which is expensive) when they could download MyFitnessPal for free or do Weight Watchers for much cheaper. But Racheal teaches you how to eliminate competition and how to speak to price shoppers. So even in moments of doubt, I kept my eye on the prize, Racheal’s words in my head, and had the amazing support of the community that helped me muscle through the hard parts.

How did you feel when you achieved those sweet results?

Words can’t explain how I felt when I got the email notification that I received a payment. I literally couldn’t sit still for at least 30 minutes. I called my mom and my best friend. I couldn’t fall asleep for midnight that night. I was ecstatic. Before, I was running just trying to make $50 per yoga class and working at a job where I was underpaid. The cost of my high-end program was worth more than 1 paycheck at my old job, so you can imagine how I felt receiving that email. It was exhilarating, scary, and surreal all at the same time.

How did this impact other areas of your life?

I’ve already left my job because of my cross-country move with my boyfriend, but just getting that one client allowed me to feel so much better about my professional + financial future. It gave me confidence and made me feel like I was “for real.” We can start planning for bigger purchases we want to make together like remodeling our apartment and getting a puppy. (!)

How did you celebrate your sweet success?

My boyfriend has been supporting me pretty much 100% since our move to Dallas. But after I got my first client, we celebrated by ME taking HIM out to dinner. We had a great time, and I’ve never been so happy to be able to treat him to a great meal. When I get my fifth, I’m treating him to a weekend get-away. We’re thinking Guatemala…

How did Racheal & Conscious Business Design help on your journey to Sweet Success?

Omgosh, where to start? I cringe when I think about where my business would be if I didn’t do CBD. Racheal and her program is a perfect combination of helping you see the big picture, the CEO view, and the nitty gritty of what I needs to get done day in and day out. I know where I want my business to go, I have a beautiful website with copy I love, I’m attracting the right types of people, I’m still learning awesome new content from the Sweet Spot Online Mastermind, and the community is AMAZING. All of these things helped me get my first client, and all the ones that are to come.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for other entrepreneurs?

If you are just starting out, get support! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure everything out on your own. Obviously, I think CBD and Racheal’s program is the best, but whether you go this way or with another program, getting support and learning how to run a business from the beginning saves you so much time, money, and frustration. When you get support, you minimize the time you spend googling “how do I…,” you get confidence to charge what you’re worth (I had serious doubts about how much my program cost, but Racheal reassured me… and someone paid it!), and you don’t have to feel icky + sales-y when trying to fill your client docket.